Gallery: “The Walking Dead” 9×09 Stills & Captures

Gallery: “The Walking Dead” 9×09 Stills & Captures

Hey guys! I’ve updated the gallery with stills and captures from last night’s episode. Hope you enjoy!

Press: Jeffrey Dean Morgan returning to Supernatural for 300th episode

It’s finally happening … Jeffrey Dean Morgan is making his way back to Supernatural!

Thus far, not much has been shared about Supernatural’s upcoming 300th episode, which is currently in production in Vancouver, but seeing as how the show loves to go big with its milestones — “Fan Fiction,” anyone? — it shouldn’t be too shocking that it’s pulling out all the stops for the hour. But John Winchester?! That’s the return fans have waited years to see.

To be exact, fans have waited more than 11 years, seeing as how John Winchester last appeared in the season two finale, “All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2,” when he escaped through the open gate to Hell and helped his boys kill Yellow Eyes. Of course, that was after John’s death, which occurred in the season two opener, “In My Time of Dying” when John sacrificed himself to save Dean. Needless to say, there’s a lot Sam and Dean probably never got to say to their dad before he died. And now, they’ll finally have the chance.

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb said in a statement: “We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character… and a few other surprise guest stars.

There are no details yet on how John will return or what it could mean for his boys, but we do know that Supernatural’s 300th episode, titled “Lebanon,” will air Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: EW

Press: Jeffrey Reveals Why He Stopped Reading ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics

As fans of comic books, all of us have a favorite title or story arc we want to see adapted to live-action. The problem with that, however, is that comic book plots don’t necessarily translate well on-screen. Because of that, actors might choose not to read the comics their characters are featured in.

That’s especially the case with The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who hasn’t read an issue of The Walking Dead since his character’s introduction dozens of issues ago.

“I stopped reading after introduction. Wanted to form my own reactions,” Morgan tweeted to an inquiring fan. “And also not fall in love with comic storylines and then not follow.”

Morgan then went on the admit he owns all of the issues of The Walking Dead, which his son reads.

“I own them all. Gus reads,” he reflected. “I will look at particular scenes if we film…but I’m saving them for when Negan is no more. Or show ends…ha!”

Morgan plays Negan on AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse show, a character who debuted in Image Comics’ The Walking Dead #100 (2012) as created by TWD creators Robert Kirkman and Charle Adlard. Negan made his live-action debut in “Last Day on Earth,” the highly-anticipated finale of season six.

Although Negan has been imprisoned for the duration of season nine, the character escaped in the midseason finale. According to The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang, she’s excited to see where Negan goes next.

“I am excited for fans to watch and see what happens, because I think Negan is a complicated character and we’ve seen that he’s a guy who will bash in people’s heads to make a point,” Kang told “We’ve also seen that he was at the lowest of the low point earlier in the season, was suicidal. We’ve also seen that he has a particular relationship with Judith Grimes that seems like pretty friendly and nice. And so, all of these things are kind of churning within Negan, and that’s part of his story going forward. So I think that there’s some interesting twists and turns to be had with Negan one way or the other.”


Gallery: “The Walking Dead” 9×08 Stills & Captures

Gallery: “The Walking Dead” 9×08 Stills & Captures

Hey guys! I’ve updated the gallery with stills and captures from the mid-season finale. Hope you enjoy!

Press: Jeffrey Would Consider ‘Supernatural’ Return

It has been years since the Supernatural family reunited with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but fans shouldn’t write the actor off from the series entirely. As it turns out, the only thing standing between Morgan and a Supernatural cameo is the right story.

Over on Twitter, the actor got fans buzzing when he teased his Supernatural interests with fans during a Q&A. After Morgan was asked if he’d consider playing John Winchester again, the actor had this to say:

As fans will know, Morgan appeared on Supernatural in its earliest days, and he hasn’t revisited the series in some time. The actor appeared in season one as John, the distant father of Sam and Dean Winchester. After going missing on a hunt, the two brothers reunited to find their old man, but the adventure pulled the pair deep into the world of hunting. Season one ended with the trio reuniting, but John sacrificed his life at the start of season two for Dean. Since then, Morgan has kept away from Supernatural, but it seems the right story may snag him back.

Of course, fans of The CW series will know John has returned to Supernatural before. In fact, season four brought the hunter back in full when Dean was thrown into the past. The lead met a young John in 1973, and the pair had a brief meeting before the Azazel killed John as a way to get to Mary Campbell.

As far as fans know, there are no plans to bring back John to Supernatural with or without Morgan. If the right story were to come along, it seems the actor would be interested in picking back up his old Colt, and Supernatural will have the perfect place to throw such a homecoming soon. The hit series will release its 300th episode this season, and fans have thrown out John as one character they’d like to see in the milestone release.


Gallery: ‘The Walking Dead’ Updates!

Gallery: ‘The Walking Dead’ Updates!

Hey guys! So sorry for the delay in updating Jeffrey’s stuff from The Walking Dead! (I’ve been behind on screencaps mostly, stills have been updated, just haven’t posted the updates on those) But, it’s up to date now so go enjoy the photos!

Press: Jeffrey Reassures Fans Worried About Rick’s Exit

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a message for fans worried about the looming exit of Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln: don’t be.

“Same way you all feel probably,” the Negan star wrote on Twitter when asked by a fan how he feels about Rick’s last episode airing Sunday. “Without giving anything away… we all gonna be ok as fans of show. This season is GOOOOOD.”

Lincoln will step away from the series for the first time, ending his eight-year run as the series’ leading man. The actor and father of two chose to exit to spend more time with his young family, who live overseas.

“I think that it’s a good exit,” Morgan previously told Access of Lincoln’s final episode. “Look, it’s a hard deal, Rick leaving the world of The Walking Dead. So I think his exit… is an okay exit, all things considered. It’s befitting of Rick Grimes.”

When asked about losing Lincoln, Morgan admitted: “I hate it.”

“Andy told a couple of us, probably a year ago, that this was going to be it. And I really, in our off season last year, I kept thinking, ‘He’ll change his mind. He’ll miss it and want to be back and he’ll not leave us,’” he added. “That being said, one of the reasons I joined the show was so that I could work with Andy Lincoln. And really, he was — out of this whole cast — the guy that I worked with most. So I took it hard, I know the whole cast took it hard, we miss him. It’s his show, and we miss him, and that’s just the way it is.”

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