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Gallery: “The Walking Dead” Episode Stills, Behind the Scenes and Screencaps Catchup

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Gallery: “The Walking Dead” 8.05 & 8.07 Screencaps & Stills

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Gallery: “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Walker Stalker Con – Atlanta




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Press: ‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Things We’d Like to See After the Season 8 Premiere

TV Insider – So the All Out War is officially underway, fans of The Walking Dead.


We now know that Rick and the gang made themselves a pretty fine and explosive plan that stretched all the way from Alexandria to the Sanctuary (we’re not sure how far that actually is, but oh well).


We know that Negan is in a pickle, trapped in a trailer with Father Gabriel and surrounded by a herd of walkers the likes of which we haven’t seen since Atlanta was still a thing. And with the Sanctuary swiss-cheesed by the “Piss Patrol” assault, his numbers might be endangered, too.


With so many questions unanswered—Where’s Jadis? What happened to the lady village Tara found a while back? Who’s in those graves? Who’s gas station man? Why’s Rick limping? Why Weird Al? What happens next?—here’s our off-the-cuff wish list as the new season unfolds.

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