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(Photos) “Sliders” Screen Captures

Back in 1996 Jeffrey guest starred in an episode of popular science fiction tv series Sliders. The series followed a group of travelers as they use a wormhole to “slide” between different parallel universes, and it was starred by Jerry O’Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Cleavant Derricks and Sabrina Lloyd.

Jeffrey appeared on the third episode from second season, named El Sid.

In a world where San Francisco serves as a prison, two new sliders join the regulars. One is a woman, Michelle, whom Quinn saved from a beating. The other is her savage boyfriend, Sid, who followed them. The Sliders are fitted with buddy bracelets which are used in a buddy system of justice. If one “buddy” commits a crime then the other is punished. Of course Quinn is responsible for Sid’s predictable actions. The timer becomes a hot commodity for both prisoners and guards who want to escape an earthquake doomed city.

Screen captures of the episode can now be found in our gallery.

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