Jeffrey in 2016: A Year in Review

Happy New Year! Our first post of the year is a resume of Jeffrey’s career in the past year.

We started 2016 with Jeffrey as part of the acclaimed “The Good Wife“, as Jason Crouse, and being cast on “The Walking Dead” as the iconic comic character Negan.

His first public appearance was on Seth Meyers, in January 26. On it, he talked about joining TWD.

It was officially revealed, also in January, that Jeffrey would be on Batman v Superman alongside fellow TWD co-star Lauren Cohan. They would play Bruce Wayne’s parents Martha and Thomas Wayne. We kinda knew that since last year when, in an interview, Jeffrey tried to not deliver any spoiler.

God dang, it sure looks like me, doesn’t it? I think you probably have to go watch the movie to see if that’s me, but it looks a lot like me, man.

The Good Wife returned from its hiatus on January 10. Jeffrey appeared in a total of 19 episodes on the season. Later on the year, with the end of the season, he revealed he didn’t like the finale.

I didn’t like it. But it’s not my show, you know what I mean? If Julianna was happy, then I was happy. My feeling was we raised so many questions about Jason and this relationship that he had with Alicia that I felt like nothing was ever answered, you know? So I walked away frustrated for my character and Alicia’s character in not having any kind of closure with that.

In the end of February, we started to receive the first official news regarding Jeffrey’s entry on TWD and how AMC would deal with Negan’s colorful language.

“Look, it’s a speed bump. I’m not going to say it’s an issue because they’re working on it. We’re going to push AMC — the plan is to push them as far as they can because it’s who Negan is. He uses some colorful language. And I use some colorful language. And reading the comic, it’s important. So we’ll see where that lands. It’s our intention that this character is going to leap off the pages of the comic book. It’s very important that that’s who it is. Some of the characters there’s much more leeway, but Negan is a guy that you want to keep as true as possible, and that would be how I want to play him as well.”
– Jeffrey Dean Morgan, to EW

Jeffrey took part of a project, named Supernatural Fandom Movie, that became available to buy and rent in March. It can be acquired on

On March 20, Jeffrey and Hilarie attended the premiere of Batman V Superman in Los Angeles. Jeffrey had a very small part on the film, but as we know by the lore, in the Flashpoint timeline Thomas Wayne IS Batman, instead of his late son Bruce. Jeffrey, of course and as a comic fan himself, knows well this timeline and expressed his feelings on playing the Dark Batman.

“Maybe when he cast me that was kind of the goal. Hopefully DC can figure this all out, and in a few years I can come back and do a Flashpoint Batman! I would love it. That would be great.”

Jeffrey’s episode on The Walking Dead season 6 finale aired on April 3. It was being talked a lot during the previous week on how it was a great character and a great performance, including praises by his fellow co-star Andrew Lincoln, who said “Negan made ‘the greatest entrance ever written’“.

It was a 90 minute episode filled with suspense and expectation, that ended with a cliffhanger that didn’t let people happy. Negan’s victim would be revealed only in the next season, but that didn’t take any part of the glorious entrance JDM did on the show.

After the episode airing, Jeffrey took part of Talking Dead with fellow co-star and personal friend Norman Reedus. He also made a conference with news press, to talk about the finale, and also about the frustration of fans having to wait until next season to know “who’s dead”.

In talking to [Scott Gimple] and [Robert Kirkman] last night, that was the end of the story for that season, that is Rick has lost control and there’s Negan. And Negan has all of the control. And that’s where they wanted to end the story. It’s not about the death of the person. I understand the fans’ frustrations. That being said… I have to trust these writers and showrunners. They know what they’re doing.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan to The Wrap

Jeffrey wrapped up his work on The Good Wife in April, and Julianna posted a nice picture of them both on her Facebook official page. He revealed later that was asked to come back for some reshoots, but due his commitments to TWD, it wasn’t possible.

I know that I got a call two weeks later after we wrapped and I was already in Atlanta, and they were like, “We want to do a little bit of a reshoot,” and I couldn’t do it. I was like, “I film tomorrow,” so there’s no way I could get back in. I don’t know what that would have consisted of. I don’t think anything that would have changed the story dramatically or anything.

Every year in the summer, since 2010, Paul Rudd has hosted a charity weekend with follow actors from the Kansas City area called “Big Slick Celebrity Weekend” to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital. This year’s event took place during June 17-18, 2016. Jeffrey and Hilarie attended it together.

In June, also, Jeffrey attended the Denver Comic-Con 2016. We didn’t have official pictures of the event (shame on you, news outlets!), but according to attendees, his panel was pretty great. Also he took Gus to his first comic-con ever!

Jeffrey attended the 2016 Comic-Con, as part of the always huge The Walking Dead promotion. He did several interviews , and sign-ups with the fans, also took part of the AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Panel. Negan was clearly the sensation on the season, since we could see fans here and there in costume, wearing the leather jacket accompanied by a wired bat.

We had several great interviews, as the TV Line studio with the full cast (watch it), the MTV one joint with Norman Reedus because, why not? (watch it), the Yahoo interview joint with Andrew Lincoln (watch it), the EW interview with part of the cast (watch it) and the IMDB Yatch (watch it). Also, we had the Fox panel interview that gave us the most glorious gif reaction/drolling mode ever made.

Back from Comic-Con he was on full force shooting The Walking Dead, and AMC started to promote the new season, and, of course, the new big bad in town. Entertainment Weekly released an issue featuring Jeffrey on cover, as well with lots of photos from the set and him on character. A photoshoot was released, alongside an interview on video (watch it).

On this interview, Jeffrey told us how he makes Andrew Lincoln’s life way more funnier on set.

“I know I’m doing my job the more mad Andy Lincoln gets. So if off-camera he’s screaming and swearing in between takes, I know me and Negan are doing our job and I’ve gotten him pretty riled up. And then of course we have to go and apologize and get back to being friends after takes, but it’s been intense. And that is fun.”

On August 14, Jeffrey attended the Salute to Supernatural Minneapolis Convention (MinnCon). The youtube user Monica Jacobs has the whole panel uploaded on her account so you can watch it by parts (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

On this same day, Jeffrey joined twitter and his first post, as it couldn’t be different, was a picture with the ‘kids’.

Also in August 14, AMC released The Walking Dead Season 7 Preview Special during Talking Dead, and Jeffrey had a small interview during it. The video can be found here.

On September 11, Jeffrey (who also now is very into doing COMs as you can see) attended the Supernatural ChiCon 2016. As usual no professional pictures, but several Photo OPS with him and the boys was released back then. A video with his introduction can also be watched below:

In September 27, Jeffrey visited the Astor Services for Children & Families, as a kick start for the fundraiser he would host in October.

The fundraiser event took place on October 1. Jeffrey, Hilarie, Mary Stuart Masterson and producer Griffin Dunne joined to read spontaneous ghost story for the Halloween season.

In an interview during the event, Hil also told how the idea came up.

Jeff and I were fortunate enough to meet a group of people who educated us about the organization, about where these kids are living… We got to go see it first – hand and we are really honored that they picked Rhinebeck New York of all places in state to bring our most special, fragile children, so we want to make sure those children have the best experience they can while at Astor house.

A video with the fundraiser highlights can be found on youtube (watch it). Jeffrey visited Astor Services later, on October 5, for another event.

In October, we started having the promotion tour for Desierto, the Jonás Cuarón film that was chosen to be Mexico’s official submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

Jeffrey did an interview to Den of Geek!, that was first showed up on NYCC about TWD but turned out to be released again due the Desierto promotion.

A very funny excerpt of this interview can be found on Matthew Schuchman’s Instagram.

On October 6, a new interview of Jeffrey and TWD co-stars Khary Payton, Michael Cudlitz and Xander Berkley was released on Scream Horror Mag. On it, Jeffrey talked about his first day on set as Negan.

This was a big deal for them as a cast and as a family. They’ve gone through this seven-year war together. I had just flown in and had two days to film that episode. Hi meet Jeff. He is going to be Negan. This guy is going to kill somebody. Now kindly get on your knees for the next two days, and not only get on your knees, but act your pants off. You are giving a lot to someone you don’t know a lot about. They were awesome.

Jeffrey also was revealed to be the cover of Esquire Magazine Mexico. Amazing interview, hot damn pictures, and a video to droll over. Watch it.

In October 9, Jeffrey visited It’s Erick Negel Show on SiriusXM, to promote Desierto. The official profile has several parts of the interview, and we’ll highlight here which is, apparently, everyone’s favourite by now: the fact that Jeffrey owns a Candy Shop with Paul Rudd. (watch others here, here, here and here)

On October 8, Jeffrey attended the NYCC for a The Walking Dead panel. On October 11, he attended a screening for Desierto, which ended up being the only official event he attended to promote the film (not counting the interviews) due his busy schedule with TWD.

In October 13, Jeffrey was announced as cover of Esquire Colombia. The article, published on their official website, contained the same pictures of the previous Esquire Mexico, since it covered the whole Latin America as well.

The new season for TWD was almost ready, and promotion was in its full force. A TV AD was released featuring Jeffrey as Negan, for Dish Network.

The Walking Dead premiered on October 23 and, as expected, was the most talked about event of the whole week. Alongside fans mourning the losses, praising Jeffrey and Andrew performances (several outlets pointed both as the highlight of the episode), and complaining about the violence of the show (!?!?!?), Jeffrey and the cast attended a screening + panel at Hollywood Forever.

With the aftermarth of the episode (and sometimes during the week before it aired), Jeffrey did several interviews around which I’ll be unable to point them all on this review. Will highlight the funny interview he did to James Corden, the joint interview he did with Norman Reedus, the Interview article + photoshoot published on October 20, and the 20Q Playboy interview, published on October 20. In it, Jeffrey talks about Negan’s backstory and if he was ever really interested in making a world a better place.

Robert Kirkman, who’s a producer and writes the comic series, sent me the first 48 pages of Negan’s backstory from the comics. I don’t know if it will ever end up in the show, but it’s interesting to see that Negan was a husband and a coach before the apocalypse. He was a physical education teacher. He coached Ping-Pong. [laughs] He ended an affair when his wife, Lucille, got cancer, and he was in the hospital with her when the apocalypse hit. He takes people in and tries to protect them from these zombies. No one listens to him, and they continually die. He becomes this abrasive asshole, this dictator who leads by the threat of violence.

With the interviews, Jeffrey did several portraits to be published with it.

Jeffrey took part of another Talking Dead, this time for the episode 03 (The Cell). Some bits of the interview is on youtube and you can watch here and here. On this episode he started talking about fan reactions when met him out and about.

I was out with Norman the other day. We drove our motorcycles to get a coffee somewhere and we’re sitting outside drinking our coffee and some lady, she’s probably seventy years old comes up and she just looks at me and she says ‘You asshole!’ And of course Norman falls on the ground laughing and she’s like ‘Oh i love you.’ And then she looks at me with hate in her eyes and goes ‘I wanna know where you live’ Oh no. And he starts telling her, ‘I’ll tell you where he lives.’ I have to prepare myself for kinda more of that fan reaction of what an asshole i am.

In November 12, Jeffrey took part of The Walking Dead panel at Rhode Island comic-con. According to fans on social media, he stayed late, from hours AFTER the convention closed, to be sure everyone had their OPS and autographs.You can read one fan relate here but all over twitter and facebook we could read the same thing.

On November 14, Jeffrey received a Critics Choice Awards nomination for his work on the last episode of TWD season 6. He was announced as the winner later in December.

The last week of November + first week of December was full of interviews here and there to talk about The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey has been on Live with Kelly three times this year. First, he did an interview when Zachary Quinto was hosting (his interview start around 17 minutes of the video) back in October 10. Oh Halloween, Kelly made a co-host search segment with a Negan spuff. And then we had Jeffrey co-hosting the show with Kelly on November 3rd.

Into his several appearances, we can list the Howard Stern Show, Today Show, Sirius XM, Jimmy Fallon, AOL Build, The Chew, Peter Travers and Harry Show.

The last episode of The Walking Dead before the hiatus aired on December 12. The show kept (despite some ratings down, due complaints still about the violence) the #1 show on TV on rankings. The show will be back on February 12, 2017 and Jeffrey has confirmed already that he WILL be on Season 8. They wrapped productions from season 7 in November. Production for season 8 is expected to start on spring (May) till November.

Jeffrey last appearance of the year was in December, for Adrienne Shelly Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala. He was joined by wife Hilarie, as well The Good Wife co-star Julianna Margulies.

To finish, Solace went back to theaters after Relativity Studios solving its issues, and now it can be found on Digital HD on Amazon and iTunes. Its DVD and Blu-ray release date is set for March 14, 2017.

It was a fantastic year for Jeffrey, as you can see.

For next, he was already announced as presenter at the Golden Globes, next January 8. He also confirmed presence on Walker Stalker Cruise in February, Walker Stalker Con in London next March, and Chicago Comic-Con in April. Confirmed projects keeps The Walking Dead only, but let’s hope he keep shining and sharing his talent with the world!

We’ll try to make this an annual series, and I want to give a thanks/shout-out to my friends Frederik from Simply Streep, Lindsey from Rachel McAdams Online and Jess from Glamour Reese for the inspiration on the ‘Year in Review’ special.

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